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SHEPSHED 7 & Fun Run

2015 ***** RESULTS ***** RESULTS ******2015

Some great action shots from this year's event courtesy of Shepshed Camera Club

2016 - Shepshed 7 is on the 6th Nov 2016 entries open in the New Year

A big thank you to BUFF for supplying us with some prizes for this year's event!

Presentations 2015

Congratulations to Juliet Potter, first lady.

Fun Run Results

Prize Winners

2012 Photos

No Official photographer there this year but Dawn Blythe has taken over 800 photos and kindley posted them on a FaceBook page for all to see.

  • Shepshed 7 2012 Photograpghs

    Shepshed 7 2012 Photograpghs

    Photos By Dawn Blythe - Race Winner Stuart Spencer, Barrow Runners, in Full Flight, Flanked by two hare bikes (Josh and Steve)

2011 , 2010 and 2009 Shepshed 7 Photos

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2010 & 2009 Race Photos Coutesy Of Runner-Photos.co.uk

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2010 Photos courtesy of Runner-Photos.co.uk

2010 Race Photo

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