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Minutes of Meetings

Shepshed RC AGM - January 2017

Minutes of the AGM held on 26th January 2016


Richard Bibb (chairman), Norman Sketchley, Sue Watkins, Tracey Brookes, Dave
Higgs, Ian Garrett, Ray Draycott, April Clough,
Mike Leighton, Jerry Cook, Lucy Viggars, Graham Cresswell, Laurie Fluck

The Chairman welcomed everybody to the meeting.

Bob Haskins, Ian Benskin, Marcelle Morris.

MINUTES: The minutes of the 2014 AGM were agreed to be a true record.


Report 2014

Club members have taken part in a huge number of races during the year. Shepshed was represented at 115 different events (or 267 if you count Park Runs) all over the UK and in some cases even further afield! It is very good to see so many members of all ages and abilities engaging in events. The Park Runs have proved very popular and it
was good to see Andrew Fuller winning them regularly.

We have competed in the LRRL and Derby Cross Country Leagues with some notable successes and we hope to build on that in the coming year. It was a shame that there was no Round Leicester Relay last September. It would be good to see Shepshed teams in every league race in the coming year.

The Grace Dieu cross-country race that we hosted on 12th January 2014 was a great effort by the club but we did not host it this year. I hope that it will return in 2016.

We had 4 runners set excellent times in the London Marathon and Jerry Cook managed a PB.

The Shepshed 7 was excellent with a good turnout and even the weather came good in time for the start. Congratulations and thanks are due to Race Director Ian Martin and of course, to every member who helped in so many ways on the day. This year, we were able to give away significant donation to a good number of local charities (Charnwood Senior Citizens, Shepshed Diabetic Self Help, Shepshed Food Bank, Scouts and Marie Curie).

Thanks again to all the people who have helped to run the club this year; Mike and Tracey (captains), Ray (press), Ian (web and Facebook), Laurie (secretary), Norman
(kit) and Dave (treasurer) they all do a fantastic job and are the backbone of our club and deserve our thanks.

Club captains report:

Male Captain: Mike said that it was a pity that there had been no male team for the first two X Countries but that turnout for other events (particularly Park Runs) had been good. He will continue with his Round Robin emails (there was applause from the members in appreciation of these which are very well regarded).

Female Captain: Tracey said that she was pleased with the turnout from the women for
the two X Countries and stressed that they were good social events and not for elite runners only.

Treasurer's report: Dave said that we had paid out a fair amount during the year for hut
repairs and path construction but that the club accounts were still fairly healthy and that he envisaged being able to donate £2500 to charity in 2015.

Kit: Norman reported that we had little kit left in stock. He will need to order some club
vests. He has 23 pairs of running tights on order.

Entertainments: The Christmas meal was well supported but we hope to have more events next year.


Chairman Richard Bibb

Treasurer Dave Higgs

Webmaster Ian Benskin

Secretary Laurie Fluck

Race Director Ian Martin

Press Officer Ray Draycott

Male Captain Mike Leighton

Female Captain Tracey Brookes

Kit Norman Sketchley


Annual subscriptions in 2015 will continue unchanged at £15 for ARC affiliation and
£25 for England Athletics. For new runners the charges will be £10/20 from
April onwards and £5/15 from August. This assumes that England Athletics
continue to levy a charge of £10 per annum in 2015



8) AOB: Richard said that he would try to get some sponsorship for the Shepshed 7 in 2015.

Ray asked about the status of the Loughborough University Park Run and Mike said that the project had stalled because of the need for a very expensive all-weather track.
It is likely that there will be a vacancy for an Event Director for the project and Mike will ask for a volunteer in his next email.

The Shepshed Show was discussed and was agreed to be worth doing again but just with an information stall this year.

Dave said that if the Oaks in Charnwood Fair is on again in 2015 he intends to organise
the traditional race from the grounds of the Fair.

Minutes of the meeting held at the Black Swan on Tuesday 27th May 2014

Minutes of a Committee meeting of the Shepshed Running Club held on May 27th 2014 at the Black Swan.

Committee Present; Tracey Brookes, Mike Leighton, Ray Draycott, Richard Bibb, Dave Higgs, Laurie Fluck.

Also present; Bob Haskins and Derek Butler

Apologies; Ian Martin, Norman Sketchley, Ian Benskin

1) The Shepshed 7 2014.

An informal re-measurement of the mile 1 and 2 marker positions will be done at
the handicap race.

ML is looking into new banners and a new start gate. NS suggested a possible
source at Dishley Grange.

Timing chips and results (IM to decide).

The price for the T shirts is as last year. The colour will be Fluorescent Green.
Possibly a move to smaller sizes is needed? (IM to decide)

The permit will be obtained from ARC.

RB has written to Urgo and will contact Nottinghamshire BS. ML has offers of
energy bars and Gatorade and a Heart Rate Monitor.

We will almost certainly be able to borrow radios again from LEI this year.

LF and IM are working on the Medical Plan, Traffic Statement, Marshall
Instructions and Police and local authority contacts.

2) The Shepshed Show 2014

This will be held on 21st June and we will take part assuming the public liability insurance of UK Athletics is acceptable to the show authorities. RB will ask for helpers on Tuesday nights from now on and ML will put it in his "round robin" emails.

3) Away Day

Tim Danvers hopes to have something in place for the autumn, possibly in Cannock Chase.

Park Runs

RD feels that we should be able to get recruits from these runs. He proposed that
we should get T shirts with club details on them made to the same standard as
the Shepshed 7 ones and to give them away free to club runners willing to wear
them at Park Runs in the hope that they would spark interest from
non-affiliated Park runners. They could also be used as rewards to club members
who help at other events (helpers at our races etc.). NS will be asked what is the
minimum order size and price.

5) AOB

DH pointed out that the Oaks in Charnwood Fair is now back and suggested
re-starting the run associated with it. He will investigate the viability of
the idea.

ML is Event Director of the forthcoming Park Run series at Loughborough University
which they hope to start in September. He has also been asked to set up a
Thursday running session by SRC runners and will email people.

6) Date of next meeting

IM to advise when he is available.

Minutes of a Committee meeting of the Shepshed Running Club held on February 25th 2014 at the Black Swan.

Present: Tracey Brookes, Mike Leighton, Ian Benskin, Norman Sketchley, Ian Martin, Ray Draycott, Richard Bibb, Dave Higgs, Laurie

1) The Shepshed 7 2014.

The race date is Sunday 2ndNovember 2014 and the fun run will start at 10.00 am and the main race at 11.00am the presentation being as close to 12.30 as possible.

The course will be as previously(IM will get permission) but an informal re-measurement of the mile 1 and 2marker positions will be done at the handicap race.

IM presented the budget for therace which showed a small profit. It was agreed that we should buy new Startand Finish Banners for an estimated £400.

Entry Fees will be £14/£16 whetherentry is online or not and IM will negotiate the lowest possible cost from thecompany that takes the entries (to be decided). LRRL will be asked to providethe chips and results service again.IM and RB will process the postal entries in cooperation, the final application date being 24th October.

NP will get a quote for shirts,possibly with some "dedicated to Brian Barnett" printing on them.

The permit will be obtained from ARC.

RB will contact potential sponsors(Nottingham BS, Urgo) but will note that a minimum sponsorship of £750 will be needed to cover costs of a special printed logo on the shirts.

The radios borrowed last year werevery helpful for everyone concerned and we will look into buying/hiring some this year (possibly in cooperation with LRRL).

IM felt that we needed to have a more formal and detailed Medical Plan (RB), Traffic Statement (LF/IM) and Marshall Instructions (LF). We also need to contact the police and local authorities in a more formal way.

2) TheShepshed Show 2014.

This will be held on 21stJune and it was agreed that we should take part and that we would have some sort of sprint event using the track and (if possible) a "fun run" around the field. ML will put together a proposal.

3) Outof Shepshed runs.

It was agreed that we would have these through the summer (May to August) on the first Tuesday of each month. RB and LF will organise the venues.

The AGM proposal by Sheila Caruthers for a "winter" out of Shepshed run in April was discussed and she will be asked to give more details of venue/course leaders etc. If successful this could become a model for such runs next year.

4) Matters arising from the AGM

Tim Danvers is working on another "away day" after the very successful event last year in Derbyshire.

5) Park Runs

There was considerable discussion as to how we could "tap in" to this very successful phenomenon. The problem is that none of them are on our territory and the feeling of people who regularly race them was to do nothing except possibly ask members running in them to wear club shirts. There may possibly be a new one start at Loughborough University.

6) AOB

NS has been contacted by the Running Fox to see if we could give details of a runner in the Shepshed 7 as they have a debt problem with him. We are not able to help because of Data Protection.

7) Date of next meeting

27th May 2014


PRESENT; Pat Keating (chairman), Ainslea Cross, Bob Haskins, Norman Sketchley, Jean Sketchley Mark Sketchley, Sue Watkins, Tracey Brookes, Ian Martin, Dave Higgs, Ian Garrett, Ray Draycott, April Clough, Vicky Denington, David Hattersley, Diane Arthur, Sheila Carruthers, Sally Bardsley, Ron Bardsley, Patrick Crowhurst, Mike Brettle, Graeme Hebden, Richard Bibb, Mike Leighton, Florine Hiersemenzel, Andrew Fuller, Sue Grimes, Rebecca Randell, John Harris, Ian Benskin, Laurie Fluck

1) WELCOME: The Chairman welcomed everybody to the 31st AGM of the running club.

2) APOLOGIES: Paul Hopkins, Emma Freeston, Lucy Hughes, Marcelle Morris.

3) PREVIOUS MINUTES: The minutes of the 2013(December 2012) AGM were agreed to be a true record.


Chairman's report: Pat said that club members had taken part in a huge number of sporting activities during the year including Full and Half Marathons, Triathlons (Ironman, Half Ironman, Olympic and sprint), Fell Races and numerous road and cross country races.

The quickest marathon was by Ian Benskin (well actually Andrew Fuller but he wasn't running for Shepshed at the time) and Jerry Cook was notable for having done many "weird and wonderful" events.

We had good turnout for the cross countries with a total of 22 men and 19 women having run them this season.

The Grace Dieu cross country race that we hosted on 12th January was a great effort by the club.

The Shepshed 7 was as always very well organised (thanks to Ian Martin) and we were able to give substantial amounts to 4 local groups and charities (STEPS, Charnwood Senior Citizens, Shepshed Diabetic Self Help and Marie Curie).

The entertainments for the 30th anniversary year were very good and the anniversary "hoodie" was very well received.

Pat finished by saying that he did not want to stand as chairman for 2014 as he will have to have several more operations.

Club captains/LRRL report: None given

Treasurer's report: Dave said that the club finances were healthy and that we had donated £3000 to local groups and charities during the year. He felt that we should be able to make some donations again during 2014. There were 87 members of the club at the end of December, with 45 affiliated to England Athletics.

Kit: Norman reported that we had £563 of kit in stock, including several vests (male and female) three "hoodies" a zip coat and several pairs of women's "cycle" shorts. He felt that Ron Hill was still a good contact and that he could get leggings and bibs at a good price.

Entertainments: The away day in Derbyshire was much enjoyed – thanks to Tim Danvers


Chairman Richard Bibb

Treasurer Dave Higgs to continue (Ian Benskin will take over the webmaster part of the job)

Secretary Laurie Fluck to continue

Race Director Ian Martin to continue

Press Officer Ray Draycott to continue

Male Captain Mike Leighton

Female Captain Tracey Brookes

Entertainments will be done on an "ad hoc" basis. Some suggestions are under AOB.

Kit Norman Sketchley to continue


Annual subscriptions in 2015 will continue unchanged at £15 for ARC affiliation and £25 for England Athletics. For new runners the charges will be £10/20 from April onwards and £5/15 from August. This assumes that England Athletics continue to levy a charge of £10 per annum in 2015



8) AOB:

Entertainments suggestions:

a) Another away day (e.g. Derbyshire)

b) An "out of Shepshed" winter first Tuesday April in Loughborough.

c) To not do a 24 hour relay this year. Ian Benskin will supply details of a nationwide event that will take place in March that we could tie into.

d) The handicap race with barbeque afterwards will go ahead.

Ray said that results need to be with him by 2pm on Tuesday to get into the Shepshed Echo.

Andrew said that he would set up a club Twitter account.

Sheila gave a vote of thanks to all officials and helpers particularly Pat for his work as Chairman.

Ian M said that the school would let us use the showers in the sports hall for a weekly fee and that this could be used for instance after the handicap race.

Norman said that the hut needs new roof felt and to be painted. Mark Sketchley and Derek Butler will do this.

Pat said that we had been contacted by Brian Barnett's family asking if we intend to commemorate him this year. Ray suggested that we advertise the Shepshed 7 as dedicated to the memory of Brian which will be done.

Minutes of a Shepshed Running Club EGM held on Tuesday 19th February at The Black Swan, Forest Street, Shepshed.

Present; Paul Hopkins, Sue Grimes, Sue Watkin, Richard Bibb, Gill Evans, Gill Salmon, Ian Garrett, Sheila Caruthers, Mike Brettle, Diane Arthur, Ainslea Cross, Malcolm Ecob, Mark Sketchley, Bob Haskins, Tracey Brookes, Norman Sketchley, Jean Sketchley, Sally Bardsley, Ron Bardsley, Ray Draycott, Ian Martin, Tim Danvers, Laurie Fluck, Pat Keating (chairman)

Pat welcomed everyone and said that the main agenda item was the 30 Year Anniversary program but that there were two items outstanding from the poorly attended AGM;

1) Both team captain positions were left unfilled and Pat called for volunteers. None were forthcoming but Sheila will continue to help enthuse the ladies cross country team and Ian Martin will do the same for the men and also the winter leagues.

2) Pat will seek more sponsorship for the Shepshed Seven from local companies and asked for everyone to let him know of any opportunities. Malcolm said the company he works for may be willing and that he will enquire.

30 Year Anniversary program;

In approximate date order the following events were approved;

On Saturday 18th May a day trip will be organised by Tim to the Barrel pub at Bretton (Eyam Moor) for a run and/or walk followed by a buffet (?) at the pub.

On Saturday 15th June a reunion/cabaret event has been organised at the Glenmore centre. Food and drink will be incorporated in the entry price (probably £10).

On Tuesday 18th June we will have our handicap run followed by a free barbeque at the Black Swan. Local running clubs will be invited.

On Tuesday 2nd July we will have our club run from the Bottom Railway pub in Shepshed and Tim will organise a combined race of some sort.

Sometime in August (Tracey to look into suitable dates) we will have a swim/barbeque at the school swimming pool.

Sometime in September (to avoid the Round Leicester Relay – Ian Martin to investigate) we will have our 24 hour relay and try and get as many local clubs and organisations there as possible with a prize for the maximum number of laps run.

Sometime in the autumn we will have an away weekend possibly out of the UK. Richard will present a list of suitable venues and dates.


Norman will cost up a fleece or hoodie with a 30 year logo.


PRESENT; Pat Keating(chairman), Ainslee Hardy, Sam Cross, Bob Haskins, Norman Sketchley, Mark Sketchley, Sue Watkins, Tracey Brookes, Ian Martin, Dave Higgs, Phil Higgs, Jerry Cooke, Laurie Fluck

1) WELCOME: The Chairman welcomed everybody to the 30th AGM of the running club.

2) APOLOGIES: Gill Evans, Sally Bardsley, Ron Bardsley, Jane Evans, Ray Draycott, Sharon Elliot.

3) PREVIOUS MINUTES: The minutes of the 2011 AGM were agreed to be a true record.


Chairman’s report: Pat said that we had a good result in winning the plate at the final of the Derby runner Cross Country League and the turn out on the first race of the new season was very encouraging. The Shepshed Seven was very successful and thanks were due to all who helped particularly Ian Martin as director. Only £100 was collected as sponsorship but he will make sure we do much better next year. There is a need for a Thursday club night particularly for the men. Thanks go to Gill Evans and Gary Burnett who are now second claim for all of their support over the years. Thanks also to the club captains Sharon Elliot and Mark Stock who are both standing down this year. We need to do more on the social side although the 24 hour relay had been very good.

Club captains/LRRL report: None given

Treasurer’s report: Dave said that there had been a slight increase in the balance of the club account over the year. The Shepshed Seven had made a small surplus in spite of the lack of sponsorship because the number of runners had increased and the LRRL chip timing system had cost less than expected. He felt that we could disburse £2500 to charities and good causes in 2013. There are 96 paid up members, 46 of whom are affiliated to England Athletics.

Kit: Norman reported that we had £465 of kit in stock – 3 coats plus various ladies vests and shorts. He felt that the link with Ridgeway textiles was very useful to the club.

Entertainments: No report.


Chairman Pat Keating to continue

Treasurer Dave Higgs to continue

Secretary Laurie Fluck to continue

Race Director Ian Martin to continue

Press Officer Bob Haskins to stand down

Entertainments A special meeting to be held

Club captains/LRRL Sharon Elliot and Mark Stock both to stand down

Kit Norman Sketchley to continue


Annual subscriptions will continue unchanged at £15 for ARC affiliation and £20 for England Athletics. For new runners the charges will be £10/15 from April onwards and £5/10 from August.


Laurie will prepare a pamphlet for new members to give them more information about the club.

Norman has contacted the Shepshed Eye and will have details of club activities put into it.

Phil still feels that a track session on the school grass track in the summer would be beneficial; (and Norman added that John from Ridgeway textiles may be able to visit and advise on a session of speed work).


A meeting will be held on 20th January to discuss details.

9) AOB:

Ian felt that we should target certain races during the year and attempt to get better attendance. Committee officials should decide which races to target.

Sue felt that the website has a lot of historical information on it. The homepage needs to be brought up to date.

Phil has made a club mascot which will be kept in the hut trophy cabinet and perhaps awarded to a club person of the year.

Laurie said that the race director had asked for the following dates be used for club committee meetings; 12th March, 30th April, 21st May,30th July, 17th September, 15th October.

Pat felt that the handover for club officials could be done much better.

Minutes of a meeting of the Shepshed Running Club

2011 Shepshed Seven

Date 8th February 2011

Present; N.Sketchley, G.Hebden, P.Brooks, D.Higgs, R.Bibb, R.Haskins, I.Garrett, T.Brookes, S.Watkins, R.Watkins, I.Martin, A.Rose, P.Cooling, K.Brookes, P.Crowhurst, L.Fluck.

The meeting was called to discuss the 2011 Shepshed Seven which will take place on 6th November 2011

The timing of the races will be as previously i.e. Fun Run 10.00 a.m., Main Race 11.00 a.m. and presentation at 12.30 or as soon as possible.

The entry fee for the main race will be £12 affiliated/£14 unaffiliated with the fun run at £2.

Ian Martin will email all past participants and we need to use our best efforts to advertise it at local runs etc.

We will give shirts again this year and Norman will look into the cost of long sleeved technical shirts. We will accept up to 630 entrants and will order 600 shirts.

The closing date for entries will be Friday 28th October and Ian will try to organise on line entries (with the numbers to be collected on the day).

The courses will be unchanged from last year.

The prize category for the fun run will be 12 years and under only.

The race finish area will be unchanged as the new mats seemed to work well.

The normal rooms will be booked at the school.

Timewise will provide the clock and tannoy again.

The normal scaffolding will be used.

The permit will be obtained through ARC.

Civil Aid will provide medical cover.

Ian will look into the photograph situation.

We will have the after race buffet at the Black Swan – cobs and chips.

If there are football matches on the same morning we will need more sandwiches.

The format of the entry forms will be as previously.

The race numbers will be obtained in August by Dave Higgs.

Richard and Sue Watkin will take the postal entries but the results and data entry on the day will be Richard Bibb. The Race Information Sheets will be needed in August.

Richard Bibb will look at chip timing at nearby races (e.g. Rothley 10K) as a possibility for the future.

Parking will be organised by Patrick Crowhurst, marking of the course on the field by Norman Sketchley and Addy Rose and the marshals will be organised by Laurie Fluck. Norman will be on the tannoy as usual, the Higgs family will do the spot prizes(to be increased in value this year and distributed more towards the tail end of the field) and Brian Barnett and Jean Sketchley will do the water.

Trophies/prizes will be as normal for the race winners but bottles of wine for other categories, with chocolates and possibly a lucky dip for the fun run.

Invited Sponsors will be Running Fox, Shepshed Building Society, Ridgeway, Swithland Water, Aggregates and Urgo (who need to be advised of the cost of printing the shirts)

Minutes of the 28th AGM of the Shepshed Running Club held on Sunday 28th November at The Black Swan.

Present: Pete Brooks, Laurie Fluck, Dave Higgs, Tracey Brookes, Steph King, Jane Evans, Ian Garrett, Gill Salmon, Sharon Elliot, Richard Bibb, Gill Evans, John Golding Jake Smith.

Apologies: Addie Rose, Helen Hartley, Bob Haskins

Welcome: The Chairman welcomed everyone to the 28th Running Club AGM

Previous AGM Minutes: The minutes of the 27th AGM held on February 7th 2010 were adopted as a true record.



Pete said that it had been another good year both socially and for running. 70 runners from the club had competed in events all over the world (Venice, Amsterdam, Florence, New York etc). Sponsorship from three donors had been the best ever (Urgo, Shepshed B.S. and Aggregate Industries)

Ladies Captain

Sharon reported that there3 had been a good turnout at the Round Leics Relays and the first two Cross Countries plus many outstanding individual efforts. Sheila had been a great encourager of new runners. (Gill commented that she thought Sharon was doing a great job)

Men's Captain

Jake (in absence of a club captain) said that having two teams for the Round Leics Relays had been a good effort but that people dropping out at the last moment had caused unnecessary problems and that he would not be organising it next year. Results for the first two cross countries had been excellent.


Nothing interesting to report


Dave circulated accounts for the year for the club account and for the Shepshed Seven. Basically the club is in good financial heart, particularly considering that we have collected no subscriptions for 18 months.


No Report


A fairly busy year with the recent skittles night, the 24 hour relay and the barbeque after the handicap event.

Shepshed 7

No formal report but all agreed that it had gone well with a minor problem with the shirts.


Chairman Pete Brooks

Treasurer Dave Higgs

Secretary Laurie Fluck

Press Officer Bob Haskins

Entertainments Addie Rose and James Watkins

Ladies Captain Sharon Elliot

Mens Captain TBA

Kit Norman Sketchley


Had been agreed at the previous AGM to be increased to £15 for Association of Running Clubs affiliation and £20 for England Athletics.

Any Other Business:

Richard said that people needed more information about other club runs than Tuesday nights. He suggested a list up in the club hut and a comment on the website to encourage people to use the forum.

Sharon pointed out that the action that was agreed at the last AGM to give new members an information pamphlet had not happened. A Wall Planner in the hut with dates of running and social events would be helpful. Laurie will rough out the information for the pamphlet and ask other people for their input - Richard will then produce it.

John suggested a whiteboard in the hut could be useful.

Dave called for a volunteer to act as webmaster. He currently makes all the changes to the website.

Pete said there would be a Christmas Lights run on December 21st with a pub buffet afterwards.

Laurie pointed out that that we are hosting a Cross Country at Grace Dieu School on January 16th and that we will need LOTS of help.

The chairman closed the meeting.

Minutes of Shepshed 7 Meeting - 12th Oct 2010

Present; Ian Martin, Pete Brooks, Addie Rose, Sharon Elliot, Ian Garrett, Tracey Brookes, Bob Haskins, Richard Bibb, Dave Higgs, Pat Keating, Jake Smith, Laurie Fluck.

The meeting was held to discuss The Shepshed Seven 2010.

Ian Martin, the Race Director, said that the fundamentals were all in place in that the School is booked and the timing and results are organised.

The course will be the same as last year.

The finish will have to be on grass again but Ian has arranged for floor matting to be available.

There is now a gate between the playing fields and Butthole Lane. Tracey will make sure that the caretaker knows to open it.

The concrete posts will be left in place.

Norman will organise putting the tower together and will be on the Tannoy.

Timewise will provide the clock and Tannoy.

Phil Higgs will take photographs which will be put up on the website.

A video will be made of the finish.

The T shirts are organised – logos on the front in black on a blue shirt. There are only 500 on order.

There will be a free buffet at the Black Swan after the race.

Sponsorship this year has been from Urgo, Shepshed Building Society and Aggregate Industries.

Management from Urgo and/or SBS will be invited to do the prize presentation.

Richard Watkin will do the results, shadowed by Richard Bibb.

Tracey will run the café and Addie and Sharon will make sandwiches. Cakes will be asked for (in individual pre-wrapped portions) from other club members. Pete Whitehead will be asked for advice on organisation and pricing.

Patrick Crowhurst will organise the parking.

Dave Smith will organise the fun run but will need help from on the day volunteers.

Dave and Pauline Higgs will do the spot prizes.

The prize list will be as normal for the main run but an extra category of “over 12 and under 16” will be added to the fun run.

Jess Rose and Nicole Smith will act as runners to take the finish lists to the results team.

The finish tunnel will be Tim Danvers and Ken Motyl (?)

Addie will be on the information desk.

Laurie will organise the marshals.

Dave and Jake Smith will be act as hares to lead the race on bikes.

Pat Keating will act as sweeper at the back of the race.

Brian will do the water station with Jean and Sally(?)

Pat and Howard Pymm will give out the T shirts.

Bob Haskins and Gill Evans will put out the mile markers.

Left Luggage will be Natalie/Rebecca/Lucy(?)

Pat will provide more plastic posts and tape to mark out the course on the field.

Volunteers are needed on Saturday 6th to clean up the course between Smithy Way and the field.

Timing on the race day will be as follows;

08.00 Volunteers start to put the course together

09.00 Ambulances arrive and parking team commences

09.00-09.45 Marshals gather together in hall

10.00 fun run starts

11.00 main run starts

12.30 presentation of prizes in hall

Minutes of a meeting of the Shepshed Running Club held at The Black Swan 13/7/10 to discuss the Shepshed 7 race:

1) Charity donations:

£1200 from general funds plus £151 collected at the 24 hour relay will be shared among the following good causes:

Marie Curie,
Help the Heroes

and three local groups;

Shepshed Friday Friends,
Diabetic Self Help,
Oaks in Charnwood Senior Citizens

In addition £25 from the 24 hour relay will go to Belton Play Group.

The local groups will be asked to collect their donations at the after race get together on 7th November at 3 pm.

2) Sponsorship:

We expect the following sums to be donated to the club in 2010 as Sponsorship for the Race:

£1000 from Urgo
£500 from the Shepshed Building Society
£250 or £500 from Aggregate Industries

3) The Shepshed Seven 2010

a) Jenni will redesign the entry form to include the logos from the above companies.

b) On line entry will be available through SI entries at £1.20 extra.

c) We will have to finish on grass again this year and Ian will look into providing matting.

d) We are short of plastic posts. Pat will get some more.

e) The following are completed

School booked
Timewise booked
First aid booked
Permit applied for

f) The race will be advertised in Runners World, Running Fitness and Running Diary and will be advertised to local clubs (Sharon will take copies of the entry form to the September LRRL meeting). Any club member going to local races is asked to distribute copies.

g) Phil Higgs will be asked take photographs of the runners which will be posted on the website.

h) Sweatshop will provide goody bags again.

i) Ian has looked at competitive prices for T-shirts. We will go with Ridgeway again but the quality of the print on some of the competitors was very good which Ridgeway will be informed about.

j) Race numbers will be bought by Dave Higgs.

k) Electronic timing for results was discussed and there are some possibilities in the future that may be cost effective. Normal methods will be used this year backed up by a (waterproof) video camera filming the finish. Richard Bibb will shadow Richard Watkins and take over the results function from 2011.

l) Tracey will look after refreshments and will need cakes and sandwiches to sell.

m) Pat will act as sweep again. Someone else will be asked to do the parking.

n) Laurie will look after the marshals and Ian will send him the file.

o) Dave Smith will organise the fun run.

p) Norman will be on the tannoy again.

q) Pauline Higgs will give out the spot prizes.

r) Trophies will be organised by Laurie. Steph has a contact who may be able to engrave them.

s) Sharon will look at redesigning the club logo on the shirts.

4) AOB

Two cross country dates are already known – October 3rd and November 21st.

Quarterly Meeting 13th April 2010

Minutes - Shepshed Running Club Meeting

The Black Swan

13th April 2010

1) Items from the AGM:
a) Online Forum – Dave Smith will check with the web designer how easy this will be to implement.

b) Out of Shepshed Tuesday runs – Pete has arranged for the following dates and venues; 27th April from the top Beacon car park, 11th May from the Old John car park of Bradgate Park.

c) Newsletter – awaiting a volunteer!

d) Subsidised vests/information leaflet for new members – on-going.

2) Shepshed Seven 2010:
Ian Martin is willing to take on the organisation again but unfortunately could not attend the meeting because of a family emergency. The date will be 7th November.

3) Sponsorship:
Pete will ask Mick Davis to find out whether Urgo will sponsor the race again but the Shepshed Building Society have indicated that they will do so anyway.

4) Charity donations:
We will donate £1400 this year and Laurie will put something in the local papers.

5) Entertainments:
There are a number of items planned or being considered.

a) On June 15th there will be a handicap run around the Shepshed Seven course followed by a (free) barbeque at the Black Swan.

b) An “old fashioned field day” at the Glenmore centre.

c) A barn dance is being contemplated.

d) On 3rd/4th July there will be another 24 hour relay to raise charity funds. There will be a barbeque on the Sunday afternoon.

e) The Oaks Fair race will be on Bank Holiday May 31st.

6) AOB

Norman felt that a good venue for an out of Shepshed Tuesday night run would be the Malt Shovel at Worthington.

LRRL Meeting:

Gill and Laurie attended LRRL (Leics. Road Running League) meeting, 22/02/10.

Points to note:
Ladies division to be split into 3 (as for mens).

Ashby 5 – a small brown fleece was left, if anyone is missing it.

Kibworth Winter league race – 4 runners turned up - it was cancelled due to snow, and will be held next year.

Stilton 7 – 4th Winter League race, at Asfordby Hill, 7/3/10.

Livingstone relays will be held 04/04/10 (Easter Sunday). Teams of 4, for Men, and 3 for Ladies.

Desford race moved to 23/5/10, but will still be run as a Winter league, so remember to take your Winter league number if you have done any of the previous Winter league races.

Glooston 10K (a Roadhoggs race) - Sat 19/6/10, at 6pm.

Hinckley Half Marathon (Dog and Hedgehog) 09/05/10 (enter EARLY), is not a Summer league race this year, but it is a Leics.County Champs.race, as are the 10mile Phoenix race (ie the John Fraser (5th Sept), presumably), and the Leicester Marathon.

Provisional dates for next LRRL meetings:
7th June
6th September
18th October (including AGM)

AGM 2010

Quarterly Meeting 14th July 2009

Minutes of a meeting of the Shepshed Running Club held on 14/07/09 at The Black Swan, Shepshed.

Present: Pete Brooks, Bob Haskins, Sharon Elliot, Guilia Palmieri, Derek Butler, Jenni Muston, Laurie Fluck, John Golding, Kevin Brooks, James Watkins, Richard Bibb, Pat Keating, Dave Higgs.

Items from the last meeting:

Grants: Dave Higgs has not found any grants where we fit the required profile but will continue his search.

Charity donations: We gave £1900 in total to five local charities (Steps, Oaks in Charnwood Senior Citizens, Shepshed Special Community Bus, Shepshed Child Safety Equipment Scheme and the Volunteer Centre Befriending Scheme). We will probably give less next year as this was a catch up year in that we donated nothing in 2008. The amount will be decided at the AGM.

24 hour relay: We do not intend to arrange one this year but we did have a “handicap” run in early June which was a great success. Thanks were given to Ian Martin for organising it.

Club colours: Jenni, Guilia and Sharon will look into changing the colours (to another blue?) and discuss with Norman.

Hut refurbishment: The exterior is almost complete and will be finished shortly. Jenni can obtain plasterboard (or any British Gypsum product) at cost and Pat can provide brushes.

Publicity for the Shepshed 7: We need to be a bit more proactive this year. Club members are asked to take forms to any local races and to put them in local shops and businesses. Richard will get forms to Tipton Harriers and DK.

Other items

Shepshed 7: nothing apart from the above

Entertainments: Pete will contact the entertainments committee and suggest a swim/barbeque for 22nd August. There will also be a New Year bash.

LRRL: no information.

Quarterly Meeting 14th March 2009

Minutes of a Meeting of the Shepshed Running Club held at the Black Swan on Tuesday 14th March 2009

Present: Pete Brooks (chairman), Graham Hebden, Mick Davis, Dave Higgs, Jenni Muston, Sharon Elliot, Ian Garrett, Gill Salmon, Laurie Fluck.

Little Haw Lane Pavilion:  Mick has heard no more about this project and thinks it may have been shelved because of the current financial problems. Dave Higgs said that grants were available for sports clubs etc. and that he would investigate. 

Charity donations: We are able to donate a reasonable sum to local charities this year, having been generously sponsored by Urgo. Members will be asked for suitable candidates and Laurie will ask the Loughborough Echo to put an article explaining the situation on the “Shepshed page” of the Echo. The donations will be awarded at the handicap/barbeque event on 9th June.

Entertainments: We have already had a very successful skittles night and Mick Davis intends to arrange a Boules event with food after the Oaks run on May 31st at the Bull and Bush. He also is going to arrange a New Year “do”. 

Oaks in Charnwood: We did not have enough helpers last year. Pete will call for volunteers for this event on club nights. We will sell surplus Shepshed 7 T shirts at the event at £2.50.

Shepshed 7: We were a bit complaisant about publicising the race last year with a consequent slight drop in numbers. Laurie will take copies of the entry forms to Shepshed Library and to local hairdressers. Sharon will display them in her salon.

AOB: Pete felt we should try to organise another relay this year but to be 24 hours duration this time and to incorporate it as a normal feature of our year. Late June or early July would be the best time because of the short nights.

John was asked to put a marshal volunteer notice for the Shepshed 7 up in the club as early as possible.

Laurie asked if we could have a tent to help shelter people at the cross countries. This was agreed.

Dave feels that the club colours need a little “livening up” by the addition of another, brighter colour e.g. yellow

2009 AGM - 8 February

Minutes of the 26th AGM held on February 8th 2009 at the Black Swan, Shepshed.

Present:Dave Higgs, Laurie Fluck, Rachel Muddimer, Sue Watkin, Richard Watkin, Jake Smith, Jenni Muston, Mark Stock, Bob Haskins, Mick Davis, Pete Brooks, Kevin Brooks, Norman Sketchley, John Golding, Ian Martin, Phil Higgs. 

Welcome: The Chairman welcomed everyone to the 26th Running Club AGM. 

Apologies: Gill Evans, Sheila Caruthers, Rebecca Skirrow, Sharon Elliot, Derek Butler, Jane and Tim Danvers, Corinne Clarke, Sally and Ron Bardsley. 

2008 AGM Minutes: The minutes were adopted as a true record. 

Chairman: Dave said that it had been a great year, particularly with the 25th anniversary events (25 hour relay, quizzes, barn dance, dinner dance etc) and the normal races (Oaks Race, Shepshed 7, Cross Country). The hut repairs had nearly been completed and thanks to all who had helped (particularly the Sketchley family).
Treasurer: Rachel said that the club account and run account are in good health and similar to last year. Many subscriptions had been very late and some were still outstanding and need chasing up.
Club Captains: Jenni said that there had been many outstanding individual efforts but that support for the LRR League races was a bit disappointing. On the other hand the Ladies team in the cross country league was first ladies team in the league and two runners new to the club (Wendy and Debbie) had done very well. We hope to get a ladies team for the Round Leicester Relays and feel we could be very competitive.
Pete agreed that we needed better support at the LRRL races but felt that the men’s team in the cross country league was doing very well considering several of our top runners were injured. Several new runners from the Charnwood Tri club had joined, attracted by the cross country league, and had been valuable members of the team.
LRRL: Gill reports that Dave Little sadly died this year and we may want to support a charity on his behalf. Gill will obtain details. The presentation evening is well worth attending. Gill feels that the club captains are the people who should represent the club at the LRRL meetings.
Entertainments: Covered in the Chairman’s report.
Kit: Norman reported that we currently have £165 worth of kit in stock. He will look into getting more club shirts.
Shepshed 7: Ian said that the 2008 race was another great success with good comments from many runners and a new sponsor. We possibly were a little too complaisant about publicity as entries were slightly down. St John ambulance let us down badly but Ian managed to find another company to give medical cover. He is willing to organise the 2009 race (date November 1st) but wishes to have it organised by April because of family (increases in) reasons. Richard is willing to do the entries again which is one of the biggest jobs. We may need some form of mat to go over the boggy patches on the course.

Chairman- Pete Brooks
Treasurer- Dave Higgs
Secretary- Laurie Fluck
Men’s Captain- Jake Smith
Ladies Captain- TBA
Press Officer- Bob Haskins
Cross Country rep- Laurie Fluck
LRRL- Brian Barnett, Jake Smith + TBA
Entertainments- Mick Davis, Norman Sketchley
Community Council- TBA
Kit- Norman Sketchley

The club officials who were standing down (Jenni, Rachel, Dave and Gill) were given a vote of thanks.

Affiliation: Will be as last year, jointly with The Association of Running Clubs and England Athletics

Subscriptions: Will also be as last year £12 for Association of Running Clubs affiliation and £15 for joint England Athletics and ARC.

AOB: Norman suggested putting a short questionnaire on the annual subscription forms to ask what people want from the club. We have had a lot of new members recently but they seem reluctant to get involved.
After much discussion about club nights, Jake will discuss the options with various people and put forward proposals.
Jake hopes to have a good turnout for the Round Leicester Relays this year, date TBA.
Bob reminded everyone that the deadline for results in the papers was midnight Tuesday and asked more people to give him their results.
Mick said that a pavilion is being built by the council in Little Haw Lane which we may be able to use. He will look into the matter further. He has booked the Glenmore Centre for New Year’s Eve and intends to organise a club event.
Ian has organised a handicap event (using the Shepshed 7 route) for June 9th with a barbeque afterwards. He has invited local running clubs. He also felt that we should reserve most of the surplus in the run account but that £1800 should be distributed to charity this year.
John wants to encourage people to come to the “2nd Tuesday of the month” pub night. Sandwiches will be laid on.
Dave suggested that we have quarterly meetings again this year. Most people felt that Tuesday nights would be most convenient and that this could be integrated into John’s point above.
Laurie will publish a schedule.

The (new) Chairman closed the meeting.

2008 Shepshed 7 Debriefing - 11 Nov

Points raised in no particular order:

Good marshalling, plenty of helpers on the day, excellent results service, good food, good tanoy - except for distance between start and finish.
Larger scaffolding towers were more stable at finish.
Adequate car parking space despite the footballers.
Paramedic setup was very good and we have already booked them for next year. Only two injuries, one twisted knee and one tongue injury?.

Problems with football nets projecting onto the course was overcome, but we may need to alter the route through the pitches next year (no affect on the distance).
We need to provide more space for access to the ambulance.
Wet muddy surface at finish, very slippery making sprint finishes difficult - ideas to move finish onto the tarmac or provide matting on the grass.

Race numbers down about 100, although 530 entries taken. We were told by one competitor it was too expensive, but cannot accept that given the quality of the shirt. Entry fee to stay same next year. No letters sent out, but more emails sent. Not enough entry forms available, we will try harder next year.

Spin off idea to hold an inter local club two lap relay around the course but cutting out the road and school section, approx 10K, in mid summer (Tuesday 9th June), followed by a barbeque at the Black Swan.

'Quarterly' Meeting - 8 June 2008

Minutes of a meeting of the Shepshed Running Club held in the garden of the Black Swan on Sunday 8th June 2008.

Ian Martin, Brian Barnett, Rachel Muddimer,
Sharon Elliot, Norman Sketchley, Gill Evans,
Pete Brooks, Jake Smith, John Skevington (guest)
Laurie Fluck

Apologies Dave Higgs, John Golding, Ron and Sally Bardsley

1) Affiliation:
John explained that most of the local clubs had affiliated to both ARC and EA. The exceptions were ourselves who had affiliated only to ARC and the clubs which have strong track and field sections (Charnwood, Coritanians etc.) who affiliated only to EA. After much discussion it was agreed that we would affiliate to both in 08/09 but that each club member would be able to opt to out of EA and pay a lower subscription.

2) LRRL Report:
The Leicester Marathon is on 19th October and each club has been asked to nominate a liaison to provide help (Laurie Fluck volunteered for Shepshed).
The Livingstone Relays may be held the week before Easter (5th April).
The Dog and Hedgehog half marathon was very hot and there were complaints of insufficient water, also that the first aiders were "skulking" in the car.
The LRRL is 25 years old in 2008 and a special commemorative race will be held on 23rd November (Whetstone 5).
The next LRRL meeting is 8th September which means our next meeting will be 14th September.

3) Shepshed Seven 2008:
The race date is Sunday 2nd November, the fun run will start at 10.00 am and the main race at 11.00. Fees for the fun run will increase to £2, the main run remaining at £10 and £12.
Time of the presentation to be decided when Ian had talked to Richard and Sue. This will be Richard's last year in charge of results and a replacement is needed.
Ian may change the prize list slightly to be fairer.
The course needs to be remeasured.
First aid needs to improve.

4) 25th Anniversary:
There are two main events planned; a barn dance (actually in a barn!) and a 25 hour relay run. Everyone is urged to contact as many ex members and friends as possible.
There will also be a novelty adventure event planned by Phil Lee in early September and, later in the year a formal dinner at a golf club.

'Quarterly' Meeting - 7th April 2008


Minutes of the meeting held on 6th April 2008 at the Black Swan, Shepshed.

Dave Higgs, Laurie Fluck, Graeme Hebden, Jake Smith,
Mick Davis, Jenni Muston, Pete Brooks, Gill Evans,
Phil Higgs, Norman Sketchley and Jean Sketchley


Club awards; There will be two categories, "Best Newcomer" and "Club Person of the Year" these to be at the discretion of the committee and awarded at the A.G.M.

John at Ridgeway is happy to come along and talk about coaching etc.

A note will be added to the subscriptions reminder to ask how club members want the club to communicate with them.

The Round Leicestershire Relays are on 28th September this year and we need to get as many people involved as possible particularly new members.

Phil will put together a poster suitable for advertising the club in local shops etc.

Rachel will attempt to obtain sponsorship for the 2008 Shepshed Seven.


The Barn Dance will be in the barn on the Garendon estate if possible. Dave is discussing this with the De Lisle family.

The 25 hour relay will be on 28/29th June from the Black Swan with a barbeque afterwards. Proceeds will go to the Air Ambulance. Details will be put in the local paper 6 weeks from the event and again two weeks before it (Sally).

It is proposed to hold a dinner dance at Lingfield Golf Club, Norman will arrange it.

A Magic Lantern Show will be given by a local historian one Sunday evening in the Autumn, Norman and Jean to arrange this.

A treasure hunt will be held over Saturday afternoon 6th September and Sunday morning 7th September with a barbeque or similar afterwards.

The idea of "hoodies" as an anniversary garment has not been popular and technical weatherproof tops would be expensive. Norman will look into other options.

Mick Davis will arrange two quiz nights in the near future, proceeds to go to the club to help defray 25th anniversary expenses.


Jake asked if the club will subsidise entries to the Round Leicester Relays. This will be decided at the next meeting.

Norman said that the hut refurbishment program will go ahead when the weather warms up and help will be needed.

Considerable discussion took place concerning affiliation and John Skevington, who is known to be very knowledgeable on the subject, will be invited to the next meeting.

Gill said there were grants available for sports clubs and Laurie will obtain details.

Tuesday club night runs were discussed in great detail. Generally things go well but rather more information about where groups were going and at what pace would be welcome. Dave will include this in his announcements before the run.


25th Anniversary Meeting - 11th March 2008

25 Hour relay Date start Saturday 28th June early afternoon
- finish Sunday 29th June 25 hours later
Venue the Black Swan
To be followed by a barbeque at the Black Swan Sunday afternoon.
A sweepstake will be organised, proceeds to charity
Pete Brooks to speak to the people at the Black Swan for permission to use their facilities.
Sally Bardsley to invite Andy Reed M.P. to participate.

Barn Dance
Nothing arranged
Dave Higgs to ask Ian Martin to talk to the De Lisle estate manager with a view to using their barn.

Treasure Hunt weekend
To be organised by Phil Lee.
To be held over two days Saturday 6th September afternoon and Sunday 7th September morning
Four women team leaders to step forward!!

Either Quiz or Skittles at a pub.

Mick Davis has volunteered to arrange these later in the year. They will be discussed at later meetings.

Magic Lantern Show
To be given in November (?) at the Black Swan on a weekday evening. Norman or Jean Sketchley to organise.

Formal Dance
Nothing arranged. To be discussed at future meetings


AGM FEB 2008


Minutes of the AGM held on February 10th 2008 at The Black Swan, Shepshed.

Dave Higgs Chairman, Jake Smith,
Rachel Muddimer, Gill Evans,
Laurie Fluck, Sharon Elliot,
Derek Butler, Sheila Carruthers,
Norman Sketchley, Bob Haskins,
Brian Barnett, Jenni Muston,
Mark Stock, John Golding,
Pete Brooks, Phil Higgs,
Mick Davis, Carole Whitehead.

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the 25th Running Club AGM

Jean Sketchley, Sally Bardsley, Corinne Clark.

2007 AGM Minutes:
The minutes were adopted as a true record

Dave said that it had been another successful year with a number of new members, many of them young. We had three very good races; the Oaks in Charnwood race, the Shepshed 7 and the cross country at Grace Dieu. Repair of the hut had started and would hopefully be finished this year.

Not much to report this year

Club Captains:
Jenni said that we had many good ladies results this year, in particular at the London Marathon, Man vs. Horse, Stretton Skyline, Great North Run and Benidorm. Jake had done a great job in encouraging 13 ladies to run the Round Leicestershire Relays. We are currently doing extremely well in the cross countries.
Pete felt that we had a good year with solid turn out at races and a number of new faces

Sports Council:
Little to report apart from some suggestions (not followed up) that the running club could help training young runners.

The summer barbeque was not well attended but the Christmas skittles went well.

We have £315 of stock currently, mostly club vests.

The club account is in good health and similar to last year. The Shepshed 7 race made a small loss because of increases in school hire fees and the increased cost of the technical T shirt. We need to get more sponsorship and increase the entry fee. Rachel intends to change the accounts to Royal Bank of Scotland as this will be more convenient.

Shepshed 7 2007:
Ian Martin left a message that he thought this event had gone well and that he was willing to organise it again in spite of his new paternal responsibilities. There were three injuries, one needing transport and we need to be able to respond well to this eventuality next year.

Shepshed 7 2008:
All agreed to go ahead and organise the run again for 2008. The date will be November 2nd 2008.

Chairman - Dave Higgs (but only for one more year!)
Treasurer - Rachel Muddimer
Secretary - Laurie Fluck
Entertainments Mick Davis, (Norman Sketchley, Sharon Elliott plus at least one more lady for 25th anniversary)
Club Captains Jenni Muston and Pete Brooks (Pete for one more year only suggests Jake Smith as next captain)
Community/Sports Council Dave Higgs
LRRL Gill Evans and Brian Barnett
Cross Country Mick Davis
Press Officer Bob Haskins
Newsletter post to be eliminated and replaced by periodic print outs of the web site.
Kit Norman Sketchley

25th Anniversary Celebrations:
A committee will meet shortly (Dave to arrange) to arrange details. Some of the possibilities suggested were; a dinner dance, a barn dance, another Glenmore "do", a trip (abroad?), a charity race of some sort (25 hr relay?), a karaoke, special kit. The Coalville Rugby club was mentioned as a good venue.

To be left at £12 per annum.

This will be left with ARC for the moment with another postal vote to go out with the subscription reminders and a special meeting in July.

Jenni pointed out that her suggestion of dates at last year's AGM for regular meetings of the committee had not happened. It was agreed that this year we will have four meetings on the Sunday following the LRRL meetings. The dates will be 6th April, 8th June, 14th September and 26th October. She suggested prizes/awards for club members who have done well to be discussed at these meetings.
She further suggested a new sign (which she will paint) for the hut when it has been refurbished.
John asked if flagstones are to be laid all the way to the hut. This will be part of the refurbishment.
Bob reminded everyone to send him results of events so that they could be put in the papers.
Norman said that we will need willing helpers for the hut refurbishment.
Also that he has spoken to John at Ridgeway Textiles who is a national coach and is willing to meet us and advise on running matters.
Brian was keen to have a local charity 25 hour relay in June to celebrate the 25th anniversary which he will organise.
Gill feels that we need to improve communications with club members who do not come to club nights nor look at our (very good) web site. These minutes should be circulated to all members and possibly a questionnaire could go out with the subscription reminders to ask what form people prefer communications from the club (electronic or by post or whatever)
Jake said that the Round Leicester Relays last year were great fun and we should do it again this year, he would be willing to organise again. The date will be September 27th.
Mick felt that we should advertise the club more in local establishments such as shops, barbers etc.
Pete feels that people should be able to print off membership forms from the website. He also felt that the turn out at races by new members was rather disappointing.
Sharon said in response that new members often feel they are not good enough and need encouragement and explanation that races are not just for the elite.
Rachel intends to contact local businesses for sponsorship and asked people to let her know names and addresses of likely sources.

The Chairman declared the Meeting Closed

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